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About Us

Anthony Codispoti

I’m Anthony V. Codispoti, founder of EatGreenTea.com. I’ve always been interested in nutrition’s role in making us feel good physically and mentally. Over the years, when I would hear about a new supplement or superfood on the market I would research it to find out if any of the health claims could be backed up by science. With very few exceptions, the supplements provided me with no noticeable benefits. So I’m left with a graveyard of failed supplements in my closet.

I bought samples from organic tea farms all over the world to be sure they weren’t using chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides.

So when I first began EATING whole green tea leaves, I noticed within days that I was feeling a more sustained level of energy throughout the day. Keep in mind that most of the effects of eating green tea leaves are things that we can’t immediately see or feel – such as the lowering of cholesterol, positive cancer prevention effects, and general improved cellular health. These effects are more long term – and still extremely positive. But the thing I really liked about eating green tea leaves was that I could also FEEL something positive very quickly.

This personal progress enticed me to research green tea leaves more intensely than any supplement I’d ever looked at. I really liked the idea of eating a whole food provided by nature rather than a man-made supplement that attempted to strip out a few of the components that we THINK are responsible for the health benefits. Nutrition is complex. While most of the research around green tea leaves focuses on a specific antioxidant, EGCg, it could be that it’s effectiveness is impacted by the presence of Epicatechin (another antioxidant in green tea leaves). Or it could be that some micronutrient we aren’t even aware of yet allows our bodies to fully absorb the EGCg. Bottom line – I like the idea of eating whole foods that have been minimally processed.

In the course of my research, I learned that most of the EGCg isn’t extracted during the process of brewing a cup of tea. In fact there’s over 10,000% more EGCg in whole green tea leaves compared to brewed tea. So when you brew a cup of tea, you’re throwing away most of the nutrition. Ok, so I should just be cutting open the tea bags and eating the green tea inside – right? Not so fast. First of all, tea bags contain tea leaves (and stems, dust, etc) that have been broken down and thus lost some of their nutritional potency. The bigger concern has to do what chemicals and heavy metals may be present in the tea leaves. A lot of these toxins aren’t water soluble so there is less concern about them affecting you while drinking a cup of tea. However, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and heavy metals can be particularly toxic when eating tea leaves. So how do we address this?

I bought samples from organic tea farms all over the world to be sure they weren’t using chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. Then I sent them to a lab here in the states to have them tested for the presence of lead, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic. I chose the tea that scored the best on these tests. That’s what I’m selling to you – the most pure tea leaves I could find on the planet.