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Green Tea Ice Cream

Ease of Preparation: Easy Preparation Time: 10 minutes Ice Cream Maker Time: 10 minutes Yield: Single serving Ingredients: 2 cups Half and Half (Mixture of one part milk and one part cream) or 1 cup whole milk or almond milk 1 cup cream 1/2 cup sugar 3 tbsp green tea powder 1 tbsp edible whole green tea leaves Pinch of salt Preparation: 1. Freeze ice cream bowl for 24 hours. 2. …Read More

Green Tea Works Better Than Diet Pills

Proper diet and exercise and even counting calories are still the long-standing approaches to weight loss problems. But the issue seems to have reached a point where pharmaceutical products had to be developed to directly treat abnormal weight gain. Some of the more popular diet pills available today are designed to either make you less able to digest fat content in food or suppress your appetite. Fortunately there’s a natural …Read More

The Anti-ageing Properties of Green Tea (Part 2)

In Part 1, the relation between ageing and free radicals was discussed along with how the antioxidants in green tea actually serve as the anti-ageing properties of this healthy beverage. Now, more specific ways of how the beneficial substances in green tea slow down the natural wear and tear that comes with ageing will be tackled. It is the skin that logically gets most damaged by environmental factors. It is …Read More

The Anti-ageing Properties of Green Tea (Part 1)

Antioxidant is a term that’s frequently tossed around when the subject of natural and healthy types of food is brought up. It is said to be a class of compounds that provide protection against various types of illnesses. Why do oxidation processes that naturally occur in the body need to be controlled? Isn’t oxygen the one element necessary to be alive? The following article will try to look into the …Read More

Can Green Tea Help You Live Longer?

Yes it can. The reason simply is that green tea can prevent conditions associated with certain diseases. Green tea has long been publicized as a beverage exceptionally beneficial to health. This common drink is so popular that the tea, the extracts, and the plant itself Camellia sinensis has been researched quite extensively. Here are some of those positive effects and how they’ve been proven and explained by various scientific studies. …Read More

Bump Keys and Gun Turrets

Earlier this summer I learned an important lesson… the hard way. I’ll get to that story and what I learned about something called a “bump key” in a minute. First I need to give you a little background. About 8 years ago I moved into a brand new house. I was actually involved during the building process so I had the opportunity to choose fixtures, upgrades, room layouts, etc. It …Read More

2nd Big Surprise at Iguazu Falls

In my last post I shared some experiences from my recent honeymoon and talked about one of two reasons why I really loved Iguazu Falls, Argentina. First, the breathtaking waterfalls. Thought you might like to see another video that shows me venturing right up to the edge of one section of falls. I couldn’t help but feel energized by the thunderous power of the falls. Anyways, the second reason I …Read More

Mother Nature Blew Me Away

A few weeks ago I returned from an amazing honeymoon to South America with my wife, Kayla. But before we could get to the “amazing” part of our trip, we first had to overcome a pretty bumpy start. As we arrived to the airport we were very excited for the adventures that lie ahead. We didn’t realize that our very first adventure would occur inside the airport itself. You see …Read More

New Things

A few months ago I contributed a little bit of money to a startup with a slightly crazy idea. I’m a big fan of crazy ideas, unconventional design, and people who look at things upside-down. On the Crazy Scale of 1 to 10 – this was probably a solid 7. And as soon as I saw what they were working on I absolutely had to have it. They wanted to …Read More

What is the Difference Between Black Tea and Green Tea

Black tea is the most commonly consumed tea around the world, while green tea is very popular in Asian countries and gaining attention in the western world as well. Even though their flavor profiles are very different black tea and green tea actually come from the same plant, Camellia Senesis. The biggest difference between the two teas is related to the processes the leaves go through after are picked.   …Read More