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New Things

A few months ago I contributed a little bit of money to a startup with a slightly crazy idea. I’m a big fan of crazy ideas, unconventional design, and people who look at things upside-down. On the Crazy Scale of 1 to 10 – this was probably a solid 7. And as soon as I saw what they were working on I absolutely had to have it.

They wanted to make sandals that recreate the experience of, well…. NOT wearing sandals. When you wear these sandals, its like you are walking barefoot in the grass. But without the dangers of stepping on something sharp, wet, or squishy (if you know what I mean). Even as you’re technically walking on cement, asphalt, or carpet – it still feels like you’re walking on grass. (To be perfectly honest, it feels more like walking on astroturf, but its still pretty cool). Take a look at these things and you’ll see why I needed a pair 🙂

NOTE: I’m not an affiliate or owner of this company so I’m not making a self-serving sales pitch here – but these things are really cool so I had to say something about them. Just about every day that I wear these things, someone comments on them. Its hysterical because the pattern is always the same. They start to tell me that I have something on my shoe – which is nice of them. They think they’re doing me a favor and pointing out something that could be potentially messy and thus embarrassing for me.  And as the words are coming out of their mouth they take a closer look, stop for the briefest of moments before exclaiming, “Whoa! What the hell is going on with your shoes?!?”

These sandals are instant conversation starters – even with perfect strangers. People always want to know more about them, where I got them, how it feels to wear them, etc. And I love it!  I believe there are some things that people just can’t help being curious about. The same kind of thing happens to me when I wear one of my EatGreenTea t-shirts. People I’ve never met before will ask “what do you mean by EAT green tea?” (which of course is part of the reason I wear the shirts in the first place). Even the most avid DRINKERS of green tea are rarely familiar with the benefits of EATING green tea. They’re intrigued because its something different; its an idea they’ve never heard of. And when they learn how much more beneficial it is than drinking green tea – they can’t believe they’ve never heard about it before.

I think life is so much more fun when you’re curious. And there are few feelings as good as that which results from sharing a new idea, product, service with a friend and watching their face light up with the same excitement you had when first learning about it. What new thing can you share with a friend today?


By the way – if you want a pair of the sandals for yourself they have them for sale on their site http://groundwalk.com/