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Eating Green Tea Leaves to Fight Bacteria

A recent USDA study  states that green tea may have extensive antibacterial properties. The study was compiled by USDA experts from several prior studies on the individual interactions between compounds in green tea and several disease causing bacteria. The results indicate that green tea has applications for health far beyond its often-cited cancer and heart disease fighting properties. Below are a few of the strains of bacteria that the report …Read More

The Anti-Bacterial Effects of Green Tea

The Anti-Bacterial Effects of Green Tea We all know that green tea can be good for our health, but did you know that it makes a great anti-bacterial as well? That’s right – green tea can be particularly effective at fighting bacteria and subsequent infections and viruses, and several clinical studies are showing just how beneficial it can be. One such study, conducted by Cho et al and published in …Read More

Green Tea’s Ability to Increase Antibiotic Effectiveness

Green Tea Benefits – A Big Boost in Antibiotic Effectiveness As more people become increasingly concerned with their health and nutrition, many herb and home remedy products are drawing heightened consumer attention. Shoppers are becoming much more conscious of natural ingredient products as opposed to those containing synthetics, unhealthy preservatives, and non-organic ingredients. One specific natural product that is growing quickly in popularity is green tea. In the past few …Read More

Green Tea is Antimicrobial

Green Tea: Nature’s Antimicrobial Super Star Put down that bottle of hand sanitizer and pick up a handful of green tea leaves. A 2009 study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that green tea was effective at reducing risk of pneumonia –one of the leading killers of children and elderly around the world.1 In this study, Japanese researchers recorded diet, lifestyle, and causes of death for about …Read More