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Green Tea and Ovarian Cancer

Drinking Green Tea May Reduce the Risk of Ovarian Cancer. Population based studies have found an inverse relationship between the drinking of green tea and the development of ovarian cancer in women. Further research conducted in laboratories indicates that the compounds which are most likely to be responsible for this effect are EGCg and ECG, two antioxidants present in large quantities in green tea. A report published in May of …Read More

Green Tea and Lung Cancer

Taiwanese Study Shows that Green Tea Consumption Lowers the Risk of Lung Cancer. A study published in January of 2010 shows that green tea consumption is inversely related to the development of cancerous tumors in human lung tissue. Put simply, this means that people who drink or eat green tea seem to be far less likely to develop lung cancer, whether they are cigarette smokers or not. The researchers followed …Read More

Whole Leaf Green Tea Could Help Prevent Colon Cancer

A Swiss study conducted in 2004  suggests that consumption of green tea may have a hand in preventing colon cancer. In the study, hamsters were induced with colon cancer in two separate groups. One group, the control group, was given normal food. The other group was given food supplemented with green tea in varying amounts. The group given green tea had a lower incidence of colon tumors. The researchers also …Read More

The Effects of Green Tea on Cancer

Green tea has long been known to have numerous health benefits and has been used medicinally in Asian culture for centuries. Here in the Western world we’re only just catching on to its effectiveness, but several studies are showing just how beneficial it can be. Just one of the areas where green tea can have a positive impact is in relation to cancer, so looking into it would definitely be …Read More

Green Tea’s effects on Colon Cancer

Green Tea’s Polyphenol Properties – Taking Aim Against Colon Cancer Polyphenol E, the most purified extracts from green tea, is making itself noticed in the research community as a potential cancer-fighting ingredient. Cancer and heart disease have long been leading causes of death in industrialized countries. Research points to diet as one of the best resources for naturally improving your chances of a cancer free life. Fruits and vegetables have …Read More