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Eat vs Drink Green Tea

Can Eating Whole Green Tea Leaves Extend Your Life?

Green tea has been the object of much interest recently in the scientific and nutritional communities. This is because green tea contains very high amounts of flavonoids. This group of nutrients is thought by researchers to prevent various diseases including heart disease, and cancer. Flavonoids are antioxidants. This means that they neutralize what are called “free radicals,” tiny particles which can damage the body or cause disease if they are …Read More

Benefits of Eating Green Tea

Common sense would dictate that eating green tea leaves is more beneficial than drinking the tea brewed from the leaves. If the hot water that has been soaking in the leaves contains flavor and nutrients from the leaves, then logically the leaves themselves should contain higher concentrations of these nutrients. Research shows that drinking green tea in regular quantities can protect against heart disease [1], cancer [2] [3] [4], HIV …Read More