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Weight Loss

Green Tea Works Better Than Diet Pills

Proper diet and exercise and even counting calories are still the long-standing approaches to weight loss problems. But the issue seems to have reached a point where pharmaceutical products had to be developed to directly treat abnormal weight gain. Some of the more popular diet pills available today are designed to either make you less able to digest fat content in food or suppress your appetite. Fortunately there’s a natural …Read More

Use Green Tea to Increase Exercise Endurance

Exercise is a way of life for many people, but so is tiring quickly. In order to keep fit and healthy it’s essential that regular exercise is undertaken, but to prevent the dreaded burn out there’s a surprising little helper – green tea. Among the many other benefits of green tea, it can be used to: increase exercise endurance, improve performance, and prolong workout sessions. Studies are confirming this fact …Read More

The Effects of Green Tea on Weight Loss

  The Effects of Green Tea on Weight Loss Green tea has long been thought to have a number of health benefits, and the fact that it can even be used as a way to help weight loss has many dieters clamoring to get their hands on it. But can green tea live up to its claims of being a useful weight loss aide? That’s what scientists are trying to find …Read More

Can Green Tea Leaves Help You Keep the Weight Off?

Numerous studies indicate that EGCg, a major compound in whole green tea leaves, may have weight-gain-prevention and weight-loss effects. One report published in 2005 notes that green tea has the ability to help people maintain their body weight after a significant weight loss. This means that after losing weight through dieting or exercise, drinking green tea may be able to help you keep from gaining the weight back. In this …Read More

Green Tea as a Fat Burner

Green Tea: The World’s Real Fat Burning Food Supermarket checkout lines are full of magazines with eye-catching headlines like “7 negative calorie superfoods” or “Delicious foods that fight fat”. While the headlines may be compelling, when these claims undergo the scrutiny of science, the concept of a fat burning food is usually revealed as too good to be true. Or is it? Green tea leaves are a fat-burning food out …Read More