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The Anti-ageing Properties of Green Tea (Part 2)

In Part 1, the relation between ageing and free radicals was discussed along with how the antioxidants in green tea actually serve as the anti-ageing properties of this healthy beverage. Now, more specific ways of how the beneficial substances in green tea slow down the natural wear and tear that comes with ageing will be tackled. It is the skin that logically gets most damaged by environmental factors. It is …Read More

The Anti-ageing Properties of Green Tea (Part 1)

Antioxidant is a term that’s frequently tossed around when the subject of natural and healthy types of food is brought up. It is said to be a class of compounds that provide protection against various types of illnesses. Why do oxidation processes that naturally occur in the body need to be controlled? Isn’t oxygen the one element necessary to be alive? The following article will try to look into the …Read More