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Green Tea and Cholesterol

Green Tea May Help You Balance Your Cholesterol. For over twenty years, scientists have known that green tea has cholesterol reducing effects. In a study conducted in 1986, Japanese scientists found that giving green tea to rats was effective in lowering their overall cholesterol levels.  In the study, two groups of rats were fed high cholesterol diets for twenty-eight days. One group was also given green tea catechins (the primary …Read More

The Effects of Green Tea on Liver Health

Numerous studies have indicated that green tea can prevent both liver cancer and liver fibrosis. It is believed that these effects are the result of a compound called EGCg, the primary compound present in green tea. While this compound can be found in large number in brewed green tea, it is far more prevalent in whole leaf tea before it is brewed. Liver Fibrosis A 2004 study from Japan  found …Read More

Green Tea and Strokes

Consuming Green Tea to Ward of Strokes. Both population-based and laboratory-based studies show that green tea consumption is effective in preventing strokes in humans. Below are just a few of the studies that stand out the most from the literature on this subject. A population based study conducted in 1989 by a group of researchers in Japan shows that people who drink green tea are less likely to experience a …Read More

Green Tea and Kidney Health

The Effects of Green Tea on Kidney Stone Prevention. A 2004 study  by the American College of Physicians found that consuming green tea can reduce the chances of forming kidney stones. The study followed a cohort of over 81,000 women in order to determine any correlation between the formation of kidney stones and the drinking of a number of beverages, including green tea. Out of all of the women 719 …Read More

What makes Green Tea so Healthy?

Much has been done to document the health benefits of green tea, but which compounds actually contribute to green tea’s effectiveness in so many areas of human health? Catechins Catechins are the most prevalent group of compounds found in green tea and are thought to be behind the majority of its natural benefits. In all, catechins make up about 30% of green tea’s composition.  The most common of the catechins …Read More

Green Tea and Ovarian Cancer

Drinking Green Tea May Reduce the Risk of Ovarian Cancer. Population based studies have found an inverse relationship between the drinking of green tea and the development of ovarian cancer in women. Further research conducted in laboratories indicates that the compounds which are most likely to be responsible for this effect are EGCg and ECG, two antioxidants present in large quantities in green tea. A report published in May of …Read More

Green Tea and Lung Cancer

Taiwanese Study Shows that Green Tea Consumption Lowers the Risk of Lung Cancer. A study published in January of 2010 shows that green tea consumption is inversely related to the development of cancerous tumors in human lung tissue. Put simply, this means that people who drink or eat green tea seem to be far less likely to develop lung cancer, whether they are cigarette smokers or not. The researchers followed …Read More

Green Tea and Leukemia

Mayo Clinic Researchers Claim that Green Tea Compound EGCg Is Effective in Treating Leukemia. Researchers at the world famous Mayo clinic have found encouraging results along the long road to finding effective treatments for a certain type of leukemia called “chronic lymphocytic leukemia” or CLL.  This type of leukemia currently has no cure and is characterized by typical leukemia symptoms generally matched with abnormal enlargement of the lymph nodes. It …Read More

Green Tea and Heart Health

According to numerous studies, green tea has heart health related benefits ranging from prevention of heart attacks and the lowering of blood pressure, to prevention of coronary heart disease. Heart Attack Risk A 2003 study by the Mitsukoshi Health and Welfare Foundation  found that the daily intake of green tea reduces the chances of having a heart attack. The researchers performed examinations on 318 patients with coronary artery disease and …Read More

The Effects of Green Tea on Diabetes

A handful of scientific reports published in the last few years indicate that green tea, and in particular the catechin, EGCg (which it contains in high concentrations), may be effective in preventing or treating diabetes (especially the type-2 variety). This is great news for avid tea drinkers, but it is even better news for those who use whole green tea leaves as a culinary ingredient since EGCg is present in …Read More