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Green Tea and the Prevention of Stroke

Green tea has numerous health benefits, as noted by the fact that Asian cultures have been drinking it medicinally for centuries. Here in the West plenty of studies are being carried out to confirm the effectiveness of green tea. Among its many other health benefits, it’s thought that green tea can be used to prevent strokes.

Strokes are incredibly debilitating to the individual, if not fatal, and knowing that there’s a simple way to help prevent their occurrence is sure to be appreciated by countless people in the at-risk category and even by those just wanting to prolong their health. One such study that’s looked into the effects of green tea in relation to stroke prevention was conducted by Kuriyama et al, at the Tokyo University Graduate School of Medicine .

The study took 40,530 Japanese participants and followed them for up to 11 years, looking at their lifestyle choices (including green tea consumption) and subsequent mortality rates. The results showed an inverse association between green tea consumption and all-cause mortality, with the results being even stronger when in association with mortality due to stroke. This suggests that the more green tea is consumed the lower the likelihood of suffering a stroke, indicating just how beneficial green tea can be.

Another study found similar results. This one, conducted by Sato et al at the Tokyo University School of Medicine , took 5,910 women who didn’t smoke or drink and looked at the prevalence of stroke in their medical histories. It was noted that the occurrence of stroke was significantly lower in those women who regularly consumed green tea, and in the 4-year follow up it was found that the incidence of stroke was twice as high (if not more) in those who drank less than 5 cups of green tea per day than in those who drank 5 cups or more.

Both of these studies indicate that drinking green tea can be a way to prevent the incidence of stroke, and studies continue to be conducted to confirm the findings. It’s even been noted that green tea can help to protect the brain cells from damage following a stroke, suggesting that it could be used to help patients recover and to prevent further damage. It’s likely that the results are due to the polyphenols and their protective effects. Although the mechanisms of such antioxidants aren’t fully understood data indicates that green tea can be incredibly beneficial to one’s health.

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