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Green Tea Works Better Than Diet Pills

Proper diet and exercise and even counting calories are still the long-standing approaches to weight loss problems. But the issue seems to have reached a point where pharmaceutical products had to be developed to directly treat abnormal weight gain.

Some of the more popular diet pills available today are designed to either make you less able to digest fat content in food or suppress your appetite. Fortunately there’s a natural alternative to taking a pill or two. You can build the habit of drinking a cup of green tea two to three times a day.

Green tea works better than diet pills because it simultaneously provides the anti-obesity mechanisms that such pills singularly offer. So with every cup you’re already enabling your body to deal with fats and curb your appetite. That’s just for weight control, one set of benefits among a host of others that green tea delivers.

Lessen fat digestion

There’s nothing wrong with fats per se. This macronutrient along with carbohydrates is after all one of the fuel sources that your body breaks down and processes to produce energy. It’s when too much is consumed, stored and left unused that abnormal weight gain and the problems that come with it happen.

Lipases are the type of enzymes that, among other functions, play a role in metabolizing fats. Gastric and pancreatic lipases are the ones that directly perform this operation. These are also the lipases that the catechins in green tea inhibit. One in vitro study was able to show how a green tree extract containing 25% of the catechins was able to reduce the gastric lipase breakdown of fats by around 96% and partially do the same for pancreatic lipase at 66% [1].

Why is this important for someone trying to control his or her weight? When fats in food aren’t properly broken down in the digestive system, they can’t get absorbed and just pass through. That means less additional burden to what may already be abundant stores of fat tissue.

Follow up research on the study mentioned was done, this time with human participants [2]. The subjects were described as moderately obese. After three months of taking the same green tea extract, they experienced a 4.6 % reduction in body weight and their waists were smaller by 4.48 %.

In the in vitro study mentioned earlier, it only took 60 mg of the green tea extract formulated with 25% catechins to produce the significant gastric fat breakdown reduction.  Imagine what weight loss effects can be achieved by ingesting more concentrated forms. Eating as well as drinking green tea can actually provide more of these beneficial substances. You can learn about that here.

Curb appetite

The feeling of satiety is brought about by a complex process that involves the interaction of hormones, peptides, and other chemicals that send and receive nerve signals [3]. As it turns out, the substances in green tea seem to be able to affect this process.

Researchers on a study that was investigating the impact of green tea on glucose, insulin and satiety levels were somewhat surprised that the participants who took in green tea along with a meal felt fuller and had no desire to eat more [4].

After eliminating other possible causes, they theorized that the green tea catechins enabled the neurotransmitter called norepinephrine to act longer on the brain and establish the feeling of satiety. The reason is that the catechins blocked the enzyme (catechol-o-methyl-transferase) that breaks down the neurotransmitter.

Lessening the digestion of fat and suppressing appetite are actually just two of the weight loss benefits that green tea can offer. To know more about how green tea helps in weight loss you can read more articles in this section.


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2 Responses to "Green Tea Works Better Than Diet Pills"

  • jacquelyn
    October 15, 2013 - 12:00 AM

    I’ve been eating your green tea for the last month now and to my surprise the fat and cellulite just seem to be melting away! I know it must be the green tea since I haven’t changed any of my healthy eating or workout routine, all I can say is….. Thank You! jacquelyn

  • Shawn @ green tea diet pills
    November 18, 2013 - 8:28 AM

    Fantastic information here as well as strong evidence to back up the claims. I recommend my readers to take extract as a weight loss supplement as well. There so so many strong points to the benefits of drinking green tea that I don’t know why everyone isn’t doing it anyway.