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Salmon Poached in Green Tea with Green Tea Pesto


Yield: 2 servings


2  4oz  salmon fillet with or without skin
Green Tea Herb Pesto
1 cup – fresh green tea leaves
1/2 cup – fresh basil leaves
1 tablespoon – olive oil
1 teaspoon – lemon zest
1 tablespoon – walnuts/pine nuts
1 tablespoon – parmesan cheese
1/2 clove – fresh garlic

Poaching Liquid
6  cups – water
2 tablespoons – loose green tea leaves
1 teaspoon – salt
5 pcs – pepper  corn


1.  fresh green tea herb pesto
a. In a food processor, combine fresh green tea leaves, basil, and walnuts/pinenuts and pulse a few times and then add the fresh garlic and pulse until everything is incorporated.

Salmon Poached in Green Tea with Green Tea Pesto

Salmon Poached in Green Tea with Green Tea Pesto

     Photo Courtesy of LexnGer

b. Remove green tea herb mixture and transfer into a bowl. Add in parmesan cheese, lemon zest and olive oil. If you think it needs more olive oil, feel free to add more to your liking.
2.  Gather all the ingredients for the poaching liquid in a pot that can fit 2 fillets of Salmon. Gently simmer the poaching liquid for 10 minutes. Add in Salmon Fillets. Cook for 10-12 minutes Depending on the size of the fish. Remember that you should not boil the poaching liquid for it will break the Salmon. *Quantity of water may vary due to the size of the pot you are using. Make sure that you have enough water to submerge the salmon.
3.   Serve the Salmon with Fresh Green Tea herb pesto.

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